Once there was a girl, she didn’t know what she could do, and what she could not do.
She was a little unsure of herself.
Far in the distance, were ice and snow covered mountains.
She wanted to climb the mountain range and find out what was on the other side.
In her family no one ever did that before.
But she was a little afraid, so she asked many people….do you think I CAN do this difficult thing ? Do you honestly think I will make it ?

Some said , yes, but really thought, no, but they said ‘yes’ to be nice to her>
Others smiled and said nothing.
-Others said ‘yes’.

But still she was not sure what she wanted to do.

She heard stories, of people who tried, and didn’t make it.
They went and got stuck.
Some came back, others never heard of again.

She started walking towards the forest and the mountains a little then she got scared and came back and asked some more people…. .

“Can I ask you something…?….. ”
“Do you think…… ?….”
“Is there any point ….?……”

But it did not matter who she asked, how many times, she was never sure.

Until one night she met an old wise woman.
She told her trouble to the woman, and the wise woman listened for a long time.
“And that is it”. the girl said, “I’m still not sure. I’m afraid.”

“If you believe you can then you can, if you believe you cannot then you cannot”. The wise woman said and smiled very kindly.

“I see” the girl said, she was sad. The woman was not much help either.

“You will never be sure until you look inside yourself and find out what YOU feel, and what you want !” the wise one said to her.

“I have looked inside and tried to find out, but still I doubt myself.”
The wise woman smiled then and put a hand on her arm. She looked her in the face and added:
“That’s right my dear, sometimes even then, you may not know. You may not know all your life. You may die wondering if you should, have or if you COULD have climbed that mountain range and come to the other side, to find the unknown different land there.”

“Oh no, don’t say that ! Aren’t you  the wise woman ?”

The wise one was silent for a long time.


Then she said, “you already know people who are old and still wondering if they should have or if they COULD have climbed over that range – don’t you ?”

The girl nodded and cried.
The wise woman hugged her and let her cry.

Do you know why you unsure ?”

“No, why ?”
“Because there is only one way to know if you CAN”.
“What way is that? I really want to be sure.”  The girl cried.

“Well listen carefully then my child: if you really want to be sure, and you really want to know, there is only ONE way: you go and you start to climb, and give it all you can. Then you either make it, or you will know you did your best”

She watched the girl with love and held her tight as she continued: “And you know what ? When you do your best, then the world, will give you something else, you will not go away empty.”
She brushed the girl’s hair out of her face gently.
“But if you don’t try, then you don’t really want to know. Or maybe you really DO know that you want something else. And so you need to do that other thing”.

The girl walked away a little bit and sat down and stayed very quiet for a long time.
“How do you know all this?” she asked the wise woman.
“Did you stay here and do you wonder if you should have climbed the mountain range ?”

“I was a girl, like you once. I didn’t know what I wanted, but in the distance I saw a high mountain range. Everyone I asked about it, told me ‘that is the end of the world’ no one can make it, at least no one from YOUR family. Just be a good little girl and be happy here'”.

“Is that why you are still here?” the girl asked the old wise one.
She shook here head, “No, that is why I am here with you now. I came from that mountain range, from the other side.” And the woman turned and walked away into the forest before the girl could say anything else to her.


‘dance me to the children that are asking to be born….’
– Leonard Cohen

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